"Without Respect to one's Belly: to give birth to and immediately give away a child - is this possible?"
an article by Rosjurconsulting Director General Konstantin Svitnev, legal expert with the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology

"ART Regulation in Russia and Elsewhere"
IV International Congress, Current Assisted Reproductive Technologies Issues: Problems and Solutions



Konstantin Svitnev, Rosjurconsulting General Manager, participated in a round table discussion held in the Russian State Duma (Lower House of the Russian Parliament) devoted to the Russian Family Law. Mr. Svitnev spoke about legal regulations of supplementary reproductive technologies as way to stabilise the state family and demographic policy.

Opening the meeting, the State Duma vice-president Nadezhda Gerasimova pointed out the global financial crisis couldn’t become a pretext to neglect improving the Family Law. ‘The destiny of the Russian Federation depends strictly on this little social cell’, she said.

Yelena Mizulina, Chairperson of the Committee for Family, Women and Children, highlighted the importance of setting up a special council at the Russian President’s Office or an inter-departmental commission that could develop a complex approach to solve family problems. She also said a conception of legal family protection should be worked out to improve the legislation in this legal field.

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