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The new chairman of the Israeli Supreme Court has stated her position on the surrogacy law.

Esther Hayut, recently appointed to the position of the Chief Justice of Israel’s Supreme Court, referring to the state’s position on surrogate motherhood law, said that the state’s position that surrogate motherhood should be legal only for women who cannot have children, clearly unconstitutional, adding: why are women allowed and men not?

This statement was made due to the fact that the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) actually adopted a law on surroga, but it allows only lonely women or women who cannot have children for medical reasons to resort to this practice, and rejected the bill on the provision of single men the right to surrogacy.

The last rejected draft law plains that “in recent years the phenomenon has spread when Israelis go abroad in order to have a child through a surrogate motherhood program in a foreign country. Given the fact that surrogacy outside Israel is not yet regulated by Israeli law, it creates many legal and ethical problems. ”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained the impossibility of adopting amendments to the law by saying that support for this provision would have failed the entire bill and “mothers would not have access to surrogacy”. However, he promised to maintain his original plan for the promotion of the amended legislation in order to ensure legal access to surrogacy not only for single women, but also for men, including those in same-sex relationships.

 "I support the availability of surrogacy for members of the LGBT community, but we don’t have the majority in the coalition to pass the law in a modified form," Netanyahu said at a debate in the Knesset and opposed making appropriate changes to the surrogacy law.

Opposition parliamentarian Yair Lapid did not restrain his indignation at the statement of the Prime Minister, calling him a liar.

Netanyahu was forced to participate in the discussion after 40 signatures were collected from members of parliament - opposition representatives, who are required for the Prime Minister to take part in the hearings and respond to the complaints addressed to him.

“I ask you, Prime Minister, to look into my eyes and say that I cannot be a good enough father,” said the deputy from the labor party, Itzik Shmuli. “For 22 years, thousands of people in this country have fulfilled their dream of becoming parents, and hundreds and thousands of others have been sentenced to life isolation and discrimination. We urge to be guided by one simple principle, according to which a person is a human being, and we believe that we will do the right thing if we accept the rule of equality for all regarding the right to surrogacy and adoption” - added Shmuli.


Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90

Based on Haaretz Daily Newspaper

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