"Without Respect to one's Belly: to give birth to and immediately give away a child - is this possible?"
an article by Rosjurconsulting Director General Konstantin Svitnev, legal expert with the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology

"ART Regulation in Russia and Elsewhere"
IV International Congress, Current Assisted Reproductive Technologies Issues: Problems and Solutions



German TV reports on a couple to become parents using a Russian surrogate

The German channel SAT1 presented a documentary "Your belly, my baby!" by FOCUS TV production team on a surrogacy program organized on behalf of a German couple. The human desire to have children outweighs any bans and potential sanctions which are stipulated by German law.

We want to remember that surrogacy is banned in Germany, although up to 1.5 million couples remain involuntarily childless. Many would do anything for their own baby. A possible remedy would be to hire a surrogate mother in Russia.

Hermann and Manuela have been married for six years now. Manuela has a daughter from a previous relationship. At birth of her daughter Manuela got complications; in emergency surgery she had to have her uterus removed. Thus, she cannot bring any more own children to the world. Hermann has no own children. The FOCUS TV documentary has accompanied the couple all the way to their desired baby over a year and shows their experiences in two episodes.

In Part 1 the intended parents are about to make their first trip to Russia. They seek advice from the Moscow headquartered law firm Rosjurconsulting. After a comprehensive consultation with the lawyers of the company, every concern of the couple is set aside. Hermann and Manuela sign a surrogacy contract with the law firm and leave their cryopreserved biological material at the IVF clinic Vita Nova. Moreover, the law firm hires a Ukrainian surrogate mother for the German couple. They are excitedly waiting for a personal meeting with the woman whom they should trust their unborn child with, and after that remain positively surprised (watch Part 1 on YouTube).

In Part 2 of the German couple first sets off to the warm Crimea, where the surrogate mother hired for them by Rosjurconsulting gives them a warm welcome at her home. Hermann and Manuela are overtaken by experiences and emotions as for the first time in their lives they got a chance to feel their own baby's heartbeat in a belly of the other woman, and then find out the sex of the baby. At the end of the episode, the couple comes back to Moscow to the delivery of their daughter and returns to Germany after a little while with all the valid documents for the baby. The company's job is finished and their desire to have children becomes a reality (watch Part 2 on YouTube).

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