"Without Respect to one's Belly: to give birth to and immediately give away a child - is this possible?"
an article by Rosjurconsulting Director General Konstantin Svitnev, legal expert with the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology

"ART Regulation in Russia and Elsewhere"
IV International Congress, Current Assisted Reproductive Technologies Issues: Problems and Solutions



Court decision is not required for registration of a surrogate child born for a single woman. After a series of landmark decisions obliging Birth Registrar Offices to register children born to single women within the frames of a gestational surrogacy program ruled by Russian Courts (suitor's interests were represented by the Rosjurconsulting's lawyers), Russian Birth Registrar Offices started registering unmarried women's children even before any judicial decrees might be taken.

Thus, on the 13th of January 2010 Velikiy Novgorod Birth Registrar Office Department registered a surrogate child born to a single resident of Novgorod Region on the date of appeal. Her interests were represented by the Rosjurconsulting's lawyers who informed the Birth Registrar Office's officials of the law enforcement practice and respective judicial decisions.

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