As of August 1 2007, Rosjurconsulting has been awarded the status of agency of the Union of Lawyers of Moscow.

Rosjurconsulting has drafted a bill titled, Assisted Reproductive Technology and Guarantees of Citizens' Reproductive Rights. Please register to get a copy of the bill.

"Without Respect to one's Belly: to give birth to and immediately give away a child - is this possible?"
an article by Rosjurconsulting Director General Konstantin Svitnev, legal expert with the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology

"ART Regulation in Russia and Elsewhere"
IV International Congress, Current Assisted Reproductive Technologies Issues: Problems and Solutions

About us

Rosjurconsulting Director General Konstantin Nikolayevich Svitnev is a member of the Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RAHR) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and a legal expert with the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). An acknowledged expert in reproduction law, Konstantin Svitnev has researched this area of law professionally for more than 15 years.

Mr. Svitnev's monograph, titled, Assisted Reproductive Technology and Surrogate Motherhood in Russia and Worldwide, is being prepared for publication.

Konstantin Svitnev

For more than five years, Rosjurconsulting lawyers have provided advice on matrimonial, inheritance and reproductive law, i.e. the areas of civil law in which individuals often face problems at various stages in their lives.

But it is not just typical situations, such as divorce, a prenuptial agreement or inheritance rights, where we can help you.

Rosjurconsulting is Russia's first law firm to specialise in legal support of surrogate motherhood and comprehensive, customised surrogacy programmes, an avowed leader in the field.

Our specialists possess huge practical experience in the field to help you find a surrogate mother, provide legal support and supervise your personal surrogacy program up to the receipt of a birth certificate.

Few law firms normally take the risk to make matrimonial and reproductive law their only specialty, because of a lack of expertise and experience. In this age of business activity, it might seem more attractive to apply knowledge of law to business. But businesspeople have more than just their business to take care of. They have their parents and children, brothers and sisters, wives and mothers-in-law and apartments and houses in Russia and abroad. Up to their ears in work, they cannot always find the time to ensure the security of their money and property, not to mention the children, before conflicts arise.

It takes a highly skilled professional, who realises the modern businessman's need for quality legal advice on any matrimony, inheritance and reproduction issues, to prevent this sort of situations from happening and find competent solutions. We consider this type of services socially important, which predetermined our course of development.

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